Monday, March 23, 2009


I was going to title this post "Blah" because that's how I'm feeling, until I realized that this is post #100 on my blog. I've decided that's a milestone that merits its own little post.

I'll spare you a top 100 run-down. My top 100 books would require too much thought, I'm not sure I've watched 100 movies and I'd have a tough time coming up with 100 songs that I care about.

Instead I'll say that while I've found it challenging over the past week to blog, in general, I very much enjoy it. J has tried to talk me in to writing a blog for approximately 6 years, but it didn't feel right until a few months ago. Having a blog has encouraged me to be disciplined with my writing, given me a way to elaborate on thoughts that might otherwise be fleeting, and lets me keep up with certain friends.

I should also mention that my blogging is all J hoped for and more. He says he feels like he knows me better after reading my blog, which is probably a good thing...

Thanks for reading.

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aimee said...

I am so proud of you and have you've been letting God work in your creative life-thanks for your thought provoking blog entries. I had to take a break from reading them for a few weeks when I just couldn't keep up with you-I'm about to go stare at a blank blog page and see if something inspiring comes out!