Tuesday, May 11, 2010


2 b: to deal with and attempt to overcome problems and difficulties —often used with with

We all make choices everyday. Some are small choices, some are bigger. For a few weeks now, I haven't been to the acupuncturist. While those visits help my headaches a lot, there have been some other places I wanted to divert that money. Things that I need and want to do for my soul instead of my body. I knew this wouldn't be an easy choice.

But I had forgotten how bad the headaches can be without any acupuncture assistance. Yesterday and today have fully refreshed my memory. This morning as I stood in the (very brief, thank you water conservation) shower, I felt like I could feel the places in my skull where the bones are fused together. And I thought to myself, "This choice between body and soul isn't an easy one."

Instead of treating my body to avoid the headaches, I'm trying to cope with the headaches right now. I've done this for years, so I'm sure I'll settle into a routine. While I had forgotten just how much the pain interferes with my life, my daughters remember what my headaches are like.

Yesterday after dinner was ready and simmering on the stove, I laid down in K's bed to rest my head for a few minutes. K tucked me in, pulling the blanket up to my chin, getting a stuffed animal for me to cuddle with and then gave me a kiss on the cheek before leaving me in a quiet room. While I rested for about twenty minutes, she went and prepared a treat for me. (The treat consisted of plain bread, raisins and crackers, so in this case it was the thought that counts.) I'm convinced K will make a great doctor, nurse and/or mom someday. She's a great caregiver. All was well until one of her sisters tried to come and see me in her room. From the dim room, I heard K's voice raised to its upper limit, "You can't go in there! Mom has a headache!" Thus ended the reprieve.

Yesterday's coping took the form of a quick nap. Today's took the following form:

I've said before that Coke cures everything. My head is still hurting with about six ounces left in the bottle, so it may not sure the headache, but at least it's helping me cope, as is supper swap, where each family makes one entree time four and shares with three other families. I cooked yesterday, so tonight will find me heating up D's salmon, S's frittata or H's soup. Either way, I won't have to cook. This helps me deal with the headache and I'm already a little sad that supper swap will be on hiatus for the summer. I've loved cooking once weekly and enjoying new foods from friends. I guess during the summer I'll have to cope with headache week by having J bring home take-out.

Even as I write this, I feel selfish and frivolous. People in Nashville are coping with far worse than headaches. They are dealing with ruined homes, lost possessions, shattered dreams and more. So while I deal with my own small pain, I'll try to remember their greater hurts and keep it all in perspective.


The Mom said...

so sorry about the headaches....i am a recovering sufferer. I have only had one major headache since I retired...proof, of course that they were stress induced. I am glad to see that you liked Probable Future. I enjoyed the Sparrow women immensely.

Variations On A Theme said...

You don't sound selfish or frivilous. I rarely have headaches, and when I do have a bad one, I can barely function. Chronic headaches...ugh. Can't imagine.