Monday, February 13, 2012


2 a : a gift or greeting sent or given especially to a sweetheart on Valentine's Day

February 14 is not going as planned this year.  The plan:  for J to take the day off so that we could have a date day.  We've been planning this for months.  Tuesdays are the only day that A & B attend tutorial, so they are the only option for a free date day.

The kinks in the plan:
1) A & B's tutorial is canceled for tomorrow.  The building where they meet had some flooding and won't be ready in time for students tomorrow morning. 
2) K has a sore throat, headache, stomachache and fever of 103.

Tomorrow will not be a date day after all.

I am not the only one disappointed by this turn of events.  Sweet little extroverted K is missing her Valentine's Day party.  Her gifts are ready to give. 

Glitter Putty Eggs for K's "eggscellent" friends

Handmade Cards

Her box is ready to receive cards. 

Her heart is in it. 

Sweet, sick K

Her body just won't let her participate.  A worked this afternoon to complete a poster on Clara Barton because it was due tomorrow at her tutorial.  She's a bit disappointed to actually have completed her school work an entire week early.  (Takes after her father, that one.)  B is sad to miss a day with friends.  J is disappointed.  He doesn't often reserve vacation days purely for the two of us and we were both looking forward to having the option of lunch alone together, quiet time here at home and maybe even an afternoon movie.  Instead, he'll take the morning off and spend time with 4 girls instead of just 1, then work during the afternoon.

I'm doing my best to make it up to the girls.  We'll have pink pancakes for breakfast. 

I'll give them the small gifts I have for them.

We'll do a math lesson to not completely waste the day.  But then we'll just make the most of having an unexpected day off.  We might even (gasp!) watch a movie on a weekday.

It may not be the day I planned, but at least I'll be with those I love.


EJN said...

Hey! I just got home from Aldi - and I thought I was the only one with that plan - we're having the same pink pancakes -add bacon - and I've covered everyone in the house's love language! Easy Peasy!
Love the eggcellent gifts - how cute is that!
Even with the reboot - I hope your day is full of hugs and love - blessings on K and a quick recovery.

Kim said...

So sorry your day went haywire - I know how much the time alone with J must have meant to you. Hopefully you can plan a re-do sometime soon :)

J said...

I delivered K's valentines to her teacher this morning - it broke my heart for my social child to miss such fun at school! K loves to give.

But my heart was mended over a pink pancake breakfast with all 4 of my girls. Happy Valentine's Day girls!

The day goes on, though. WordGirl and K are at the doctor, and I just taught A & B a math lesson. I think A & B could have done without that Valentine's gift from their dad. :)