Thursday, February 23, 2012


2: something transmitted by or received from an ancestor or predecessor or from the past

J's grandparents' 60th wedding anniversary is today.  This evening we'll start the drive up to Green Bay, Wisconsin to be a part of four generations celebrating this couple. 

Stop and think about what it means to have been married for sixty years. Six decades. More than half a century. That sort of thing doesn't happen by accident. So how do you make a marriage last for sixty years? Grandma and Grandpa aren’t much for speeches. They haven’t written any books. They didn’t create a documentary showing us the ins and outs of married life. Thankfully, we need only look at their marriage to see their keys to success:

Do Things Together: Whether it’s watching TV, cheering on the Packers or having guests over for dinner, make time to do things as a couple. It will knit you closer to each other.

Do Things Apart: Leave space and time to be an individual. Don’t stop scrapbooking just because he gets a paper cut. Don’t quit woodworking because she gets a splinter. Marriage doesn’t mean spending every moment together. Work hard to maintain your individuality while being committed to your spouse.

Open Your Home: Mom Truss is a fabulous entertainer and if we’ve learned anything from her over the years it’s that everything is better with a party. No matter whether they've lived in a ranch home or a smaller condo, their home has been a place where the doors are thrown open in welcome. Try this. You may just find it makes your home feel more like home than ever to fill it up with those you love.

Do Community: You might think that after sixty years together, this couple is more focused on themselves than others. Not true. They are still active in their community - reaching out through the Knights of Columbus and other organizations. Taking the time to invest in others makes your marriage about more than just each other.

Do Family: Whether this means hosting the annual Thanksgiving meal, attending the baseball game or sending a card, let your family know you're thinking about them. Get to know your kids, your grandkids, your nieces, your nephews. See them as the individuals they are – and let them see you for who you are.

Do Faith: After all these years, they still attend church together every weekend. Faith anchors us for life’s storms, increases our joy during the good times and reminds us that our days are fleeting, so we’d be best served to live them fully.

Do Life: 2Mama and 2Papa haven't been afraid to live. They've traveled, gardened, entertained and enjoyed life all of these years together. What a gift and blessing it is to have witnessed some of their sixty years of marriage. Let’s hope we’ve all been paying attention to the lessons along the way.

A marriage of sixty years doesn't happen by accident.  It takes lots of intentionality, a willingness to weather storms together and an ability to forgive (over and over).  I am so thankful for the legacy this marriage is for my children and I look forward to celebrating it in the frozen tundra of Wisconsin.


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