Saturday, February 4, 2012


:an occasion of drunken revelry
The word bacchanal may call to mind not-so-family-friendly images.  Understandably so.  Fear not.  I want to tell you about the Truss family post-library bacchanal.
I took A with me for a short trip to the library last Wednesday.  It was, by necessity, a quick visit.  We had less than an hour there because we had to leave in time to pick K up from school.  While I picked up our books on hold (my primary reason for this particular visit), A went straight up to the children's floor and pulled some books.  She's a girl after my own heart in this way.  She may dither over which t-shirt to buy (especially when spending her own money), but the girl can decide which books she wants to read.  We were at at the library after all - when in doubt, just pick both.

Our quick visit found us exiting the building with a little less than two dozen books.  A read for the entire ride to Lockeland.  K sat down in the van, told me a sentence or two about her day and resumed reading the book she'd left in the van that morning.
I was tired Wednesday.  I'd had a headache for much of the day and was low on energy.  I opted for something easy for dinner, so all four of us spent the afternoon gorging on the books yielded by our library trip.  I read one book that afternoon and evening.  B read 4 or 5 (graphic novels read quickly).  A and K each read 1 or 2.  It was a lovely afternoon.
As J and I were discussing dinner plans, he asked how the afternoon had gone.  I told him we were in post-library mode and he sighed a bit with envy.  While he worked away, we were reading away.  By the time lights were out in our home that evening, we were all drunk on books, having visited another world, run for hours, solved a mystery and entered a fairy tale.
Last night, B had a friend spend the night.  As we sat down at the table to eat pizza, B said to her friend M, "Do you want to grab a book to read or something?  It's kind of a tradition in our family.  We like to read while we eat." I realize this is not great table manners.  We don't do it every meal, but we do indulge in this habit once or twice weekly for dinner and nearly every day for lunch.  (One of the many benefits of homeschooling is that lunches find A, B and I sitting around the table at mid-day reading for a half hour or so.)


Here's hoping your weekend gives you ample opportunity to curl up with a book of your choosing.

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EJN said...

The revelery of books--how fun is that. Love the pix. Looks like a fun weekend.