Monday, January 18, 2010


: the act or process of making or carrying out plans

I've done nearly all that I can do.
Rides are mostly arranged to and from school.
The house is cleaner than I normally have it.
Every scrap of laundry is washed.
Teachers have been notified of craziness to come.
Backpacks have been loaded with lists of who to look for each day after school.
Sandwiches are made.
Meals are coming.
Girls have been prepped for the need to do more for themselves, with less complaining.

And yet.

I know I've missed some thing. Many things. Because all of the planning in the world can't take care of every circumstance our family will face in the next week or two. At some point, the planning has to intersect with faith.
Faith that our friends will fill the gaps.
Faith that work will slack off enough for J to take care of not only three daughters, but an incapacitated wife.
Faith that my body will heal quickly and I will be able to drive after two weeks, not four.
Faith that this timing, this surgery, this inconvenience will teach me something I need to learn about empathy, humility and more.
Faith that I will survive and thrive after this surgery that is, after all, the removal of a benign mass, not a malignant one.
And I do have faith in these things. I've even had signs that my faith will be rewarded via e-mails from two friends who read and enjoy this blog. The timing of receiving these message within 24 hours of each other made me feel like God knows I'm discouraged and fearful. He used these women to comfort me. And so I keep planning, but with faith that where my planning leaves off, all will still be well.


Anonymous said...

I didn't realize that you were having surgery as life has been a little busy. I will be praying for you and your family. God is greater than anything and you can roll all your cares onto him...even the laundry!

RBM said...

On another note, I have been thinking how jealous I will be of how many books you will read as you won't be able to get up and do anything else! Ok, just teasing, I know this doesn't make up for the uncomfortableness of it, but it is a positive! :)

Variations On A Theme said...

Just caught up on your blog!!! You are such a faithful blogger! I know it was hard for you guys to ask for help, but your friend was absolutely correct: people DO welcome the opportunity to help. I was disappointed when I saw all the slots were almost filled when I looked at the pick-up and drop-off schedule!! I wanted to do more!

Thinking of you today. XOXOX