Friday, January 13, 2012


: not expected : unforeseen

Raindrops giving way to snowflakes.

Ballet canceled.

Hot chocolate for after school snack.

Three girls + one mom = four books, four blankets.

Two episodes of Ruby Gloom on a weekday.

I love snow days even when the snow doesn't really amount to much.  At bedtime last night, I thought there was no way school would be canceled today.  I went to bed thankful for the snow afternoon described above, resigned to making the cold trip to take K to school this morning.  When J finished his shower, I climbed out of bed, pulled on yoga pants and a sweatshirt and plodded downstairs.  I looked out the window to confirm: no snow.  Then I saw an e-mail that mentioned school was canceled today.  Really?

I found the home phone (helpfully left on the charger well out of earshot from our bedroom).  Yep.  A call had come through.  Checked the MNPS website?  Confirmed.  No school.

Instead of lamenting the fact that I was out of bed, when I could still be snuggled up with my current book, I told the girls they could have cereal for breakfast (normally a weekend treat).  I made myself a cup of hot chocolate and sat down to read a friend's blog.  Her post, conveniently enough, was about Valentine's crafts.  So now I know what we'll be doing today (between books, recorded episodes of The Next Iron Chef, and a math lesson to keep us on track).  We'll snuggle in, pull out the craft paper, the new stamp pad I bought last week, the scissors and the glue and play together for a while.

I love the unexpected gift of a snow day - even when I don't get snow to go along with it.

Here's hoping your day brings unexpected gifts and that you receive them with open hands and willing hearts.

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