Thursday, September 15, 2011


 5 b : extraordinary intellectual power especially as manifested in creative activity

My husband is a genius.  Last night began what will be a regular component of fall for our family: Wednesday nights out for me.  K was less than excited.  As I explained to her that I was leaving, I was trying to sell her on the fact that she was going to get a night at home with dad.  Her response was less than enthusiastic.  At one point she said, "Why are you using an excited voice?"  I smiled at her bluntness, then changed tactics a bit by pointing out she'd get to eat what Daddy made for dinner.

K perked up a bit at this.  "What's he making?"  (I'm sure she had visions of popcorn dancing in her head.)  "Sandwiches," I replied.  Her face fell.  "Could we have mini-pizzas instead?" K asked, recalling another dad meal from the past.  "I'm not sure.  Maybe next week.  Why don't you go ask him?"  I replied, punting on responding to this query.

K thus distracted, I gathered my things to head out for an evening of lectio divina with other homeschool moms.  A and B bid me goodbye with little concern (as they always do) and even K seemed accepting of the circumstances.

I dropped by a friend's house to pick her up for our evening and watched as her two year old clung to her leg at departure.  "K still sort of acts like that," I told her as she climbed into the car.

I didn't think much about what was going on at home during my time away.  It was a smallish group, with a few women I knew and several I didn't.  My spiritual director (who also attends my church) met with our group to walk us through the why and how of lectio divina as a way to read scripture.  She's a lovely person - just being around her makes me smile and lifts my spirits.  Hearing about how this ancient practice helps us not study, but ingest, God's word was beautiful.  We read our scripture for the evening aloud together and then settled in different locations around the church grounds, waiting to hear from God.  I went home refreshed, renewed and encouraged.

When I got home, J was watching an episode of Modern Family on the computer, laughing continually.  Once he finished that, he said, "Oh!  I have something to show you: our menu from tonight."

Kate, Truss famliy (sp) is the label at the top
After he gave them their menus, he carried their selections into the kitchen and yelled, "Sandwich, untoasted, ham and colby, yellow mustard!"  The girls apparently loved it.  I do not doubt it.  I love this about my husband: He's a genius at taking an ordinary evening at home featuring a somewhat pedestrian meal and turning it into a fun event.  I'm often too busy being serious to be very much fun, so J serves a very valuable role in our family of lightening the mood.

I can't wait to see how next Wednesday evening turns out.


EJN said...

That does sound fun. Have a great weekend.

The Mom said...

Ask Jason if I can please, please come to his Wed. evening Cafe at the Truss'. What a fun and funny daddy! You are perfect for each other. Love you both!