Sunday, December 12, 2010


1. Kate's pronunciation of popcorn

The first time J took me to a movie, he bought popcorn for us to share.  It had probably been years since I last had popcorn at a movie.  In high school, I was too cheap and/or too concerned with my weight to eat popcorn during a movie.  So it was a novelty to eat popcorn with J that day.  Little did I know popcorn was to be a regular, frequent and favorite part of our lives for years to come.

J loves popcorn.  He comes by this honestly.  His dad pops up huge batches of it, pours it straight from the pot into large bowls, butters and salts it liberally and passes it around.  J learned from the best.  Over the years, this husband of mine has perfected his popcorn technique.  He pops one batch for the girls and I (salt, no butter) and another for himself (butter and salt).  For special occasions, he pops rosemary brown butter popcorn.  Yes, it is as good as it sounds.

Our girls have eaten popcorn nearly all their lives.  I think A was a tiny toddler when J popped her first bite into her mouth.  The same was true for B.  But K.  K is the popcorn loving daughter J was meant to have.  She even has her own name for it: po'corn.  (It is essential to drop the second "p" when saying it.  Try it.  It's very, very cute.)  While I know she will outgrow this pronunciation one day, I don't look forward to the day.  I love that she has her very own name for her favorite treat.

Yesterday brought a busy morning - A to ballet at 9.  B to choir at 10.  Pick up A at 11.  Pick up B at 12.  While A & I were picking up B from choir practice, J and K were having a po'corn party.  Nothing makes K happier than po'corn with her dad.  She eats every morsel he puts in her bowl and asks for more.  In fact, I suspect that with A and B gone today, K was probably given a larger bowl than either of her sisters.  It may even have been the buttered variety. 

K has always been a momma's girl.  She was far more attached to me than either of her sisters, which is somewhat baffling to me since she's the least like me of the three.  So it's nice to see her curl up with her dad and a bowl of po'corn.

Daughter/Father Bonding circa 2008


Janine said...

What a lovely post and pic of daddy and his little girl. Very precious. We LOVE popcorn too, though I need to master the art of good old fashioned popcorn. I always pop it in the bag ;) That Rosemary and butter ideas sounds tempting!

The Mom said...

I think J needs to do a guest post on the Art of Po'Corn Making for all of us who either don't know how or don't remember how and have been relying on that microwave stuff which hardly classifies as po'corn! How 'bout it?! I would love the rosemary brown butter recipe!

WordGirl said...

I'll see if I can talk J into his very own popcorn connoisseur post. That's a great idea!

Kim said...

LOVING the pic!!