Tuesday, January 4, 2011


3. a candy made of soft chocolate, shaped into a ball and dusted with cocoa

A few nights ago, I had a truffle for dessert after dinner.  As the girls protested that I was having dessert and they weren't, J told them that when they were moms, they could have a truffle.  "In fact," he said, "if any of you want to do mom's job for a whole day, I'll buy you a box of truffles."  I don't think he actually thought any of the girls would take him up on this offer, but midday Monday, B told me not to make my own lunch.  "I'm making lunch for everyone, so that I can be Mom today."  As a part of her mom duties, B decided to blog, here is her brief post:

Guest Post by my daughter B, age 9:

Hi! I'm being a mom today because I'll get a box of truffles. By the way, Mom wouldn't let me name this post Truffle Mom because it's two words and Mom only uses one word for her blog post titles.

As a mom, so far I have (1) made lunches, (2) went grocery shopping, (3) chopped celery, (4) folded laundry and (5) written this blog post.  Mom was telling a neighbor how much easier her day has been with me helping like this.  By the way, my mom is typing this because I am a slow typer.  My mom wanted to write "typist," but I made her change it to "typer" because I don't care whether it's a word or not!

She ran out of steam with blogging because of her typing skills, but it was amazing to me how much I was able to get done with a shadow mom helping me out.  I not only made a smoked turkey corn chowder for dinner, but prepped tonight's dinner.  This turned out to be a special gift to myself since today was our first day back at school in nearly three weeks.  The fact that dinner required only that it be popped in the oven, not prepared, was glorious.  We would otherwise surely be eating frozen pizza.

It was interesting to see the jobs B found easy and the ones she found difficult.  On our trip to the grocery store, I gave her a list and a bag and told her to get the items on her list and then meet back up with me.  She had trouble finding them and eventually asked someone from the store for help.  As she came back with her items, she told me she was destined to be a bad mom because she couldn't find the food.  This really made me laugh since grocery shopping is one of the easier (if not most pleasant) tasks I perform as a mom.

As J and I lay in bed last night, I gave him details on B's performance.  Once she decided that she was going to do this for the day, she didn't complain.  She collected laundry, folded laundry, loaded the dishwasher and more.  Watching B be helpful actually seemed to dissuade A & K from attempting to earn their own box of truffles.  When J asked if the other girls wanted to give it a try, K replied, "No way!  Mom works all day and never plays."  Luckily for her, B was kind enough to share a truffle with A & K... something her own mom will only do on occasion.

I hope I can learn from B's example and do my various motherly duties without complaining.  Maybe I'll even get a box of truffles for my efforts.


aimee said...

Okay, now you've given me a hankering for truffles, thank you. I love B's blog post and that she was the one who went the distance for the truffles! I'm wondering which daughter or son would go for it and I bet it would be micah and possibly Joshua. Jael's keen sense of competition could draw her in, but I think her passionate dislike for the mundaneness of chores would turn her off. Also when she insinuates over and over that it doesn't look like it's any fun at all to be a grown-up. Micah went to the grocery store with me the other day and collected coupons and did math with me in the store. "You're going to be a wise shopper just like your mama when you grow up" the cashier said. I'm hoping she'll be smarter!

Carolyn said...

What a great idea! We'll have to remember this...