Tuesday, August 24, 2010


1: that cannot be described
2: surpassing description

I rarely regret that I've limited myself to one word titles for my blog posts.  Sometimes it's a challenge to find exactly the right word to convey what I'm thinking.  Other times a word leaps out, wanting to be explored.   More often than not, I'm thankful for the discipline and focus it provides to my writing.  But on a day like today, it's a true challenge.  One word to describe B?  That's nearly impossible.  I've tossed around several options: strong? complicated? varied?  What one word can encapsulate a child who is


As I've written this post and searched through our photos of this daughter I love, I've decided I do have one word to describe her:  MINE.  She's many other things - most of them wonderful beyond words - but she is and always will be mine. I'm so thankful she is.

Happy 9th Birthday B!


Anonymous said...

I like the sisterly and fashionable pictures because they are really, really fun. The beautiful one looks like it should go in the funny category, but, still, I like it anyway.


Anonymous said...

It's really cool how you set it up! I really liked all of the pictures! Happy B-day B!


Kim said...


Gigi said...

Your tribute is beautiful like her.

EJN said...

Precious Girl, Lovely Thoughts. Isn't it wonderful to God to see his attributes in our children. They truly are a blessing. Happy Birthday to B. Enjoy this next year with her. :o)

aimee Guest said...

Did you share your blog post with Becca so she can see how her mom is saying such beautiful things about her. As a side note, you used PICTURES to help show your words, which makes me smile after the circle we've gone around on photo vs words as a good tool :) I thought they worked great together...

WordGirl said...

Aimee - I did let B see the post so she could see how much I love her (when she's in doubt). I hadn't thought about the fact that I reverted to images when words failed me. Food for thought...

Anonymous said...

B is all of these things and so much more! You did a wonderful job of saying what I feel about my granddaughter. I love and miss you and my 3 girls!! Ma D