Friday, August 13, 2010


:not adequate :insufficient

Words, as much as I love them, are sometimes inadequate.  Today is J's birthday and I've pondered what to write to honor this special day.  Do I write about what he means to me?  What he means to our girls?  What I love most about him?

Words are inadequate to paint a proper portrait of this man who loves his work, loves his family, loves his wife, loves God. 

Words can't show or tell how much he means to me - or to A, B and K. 

Words can't convey how often he puts others before himself and loves us all so well.

Words are insufficient to honor this day in the way it deserves.  Instead, we tried to show it with some beef brisket, roasted vegetables, cupcakes from The Cupcake Collection (key lime for the birthday boy) and small presents to show him we know him and love him.  Those things don't quite do it either, but we had so much fun decorating the table, making a card and wrapping presents with him in mind.

Since my words are inadequate to mark this occasion, I'll just have to do my best to live and love in a way that makes up for the times when words fail me.

The man I love

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Kim said...

Happy Birthday J!