Monday, April 5, 2010


1 a : a receptacle made of interwoven material

A little over a week ago, A & B came up from playing in the basement and pulled me into a room away from where J was reading.

"Mom," they whispered fiercely, "Can you help us make an Easter basket for Daddy? We can call it Operation Daddy so that he doesn't know. We need you to buy stuff for us."

I smilingly agreed and turned a blind eye and dead ear to their preparations for two baskets. I was soon given a list of J's favorite things to procure (Mountain Dew topped the list, followed by Butterfinger candy bars). They enlisted the help of my mom as well, putting in a phone call to set up the plan and an e-mail with a list of requested items. Hours were spent in the basement, drawing pictures to put in the baskets they had found in the depths of our home and adorned with ribbon.

Friday as we packed the van, they worked together to find a spot where Dad wouldn't see his surprise (and I wouldn't notice the extra 'fun basket' they had packed).

Saturday morning found them bubbling with excitement. As soon as my mom arrived, they disappeared outside with her to put the finishing touches - and final candy - in the basket. Moments later, they proudly presented their creations to J and I.
My basket did contain some of my favorite treats (Reese's eggs and a drawing of a tree by B), but the real gifts here were much more lasting.

Seeing A & B...
work together,
delight in giving,
brainstorm about mom & dad's favorite things,
create handmade gifts, and
decorate baskets
...were far greater gifts than two admittedly great Easter baskets. As we enter the turbulent waters of preadolescence, these baskets are reminders that J and I must be doing something right.

artwork by B, age 8


Variations On A Theme said...

Oh! That's wonderful! And I love the drawing. Wow... You must take that kid to art museums or something. ;)

Toulouse Confessions said...

what a great picture she drew! And how much fun to watch your girls work together. I would agree that you two are definitely doin something right!