Thursday, August 13, 2009


1 : one that heals: to make sound or whole

Today is J's birthday. We have often joked that he is ill-suited to a name that means healer. When he gave blood years ago in preparation for a surgery he was having, he passed out. For the births of our first two children, he left the room during the epidural, smiling apologetically to me as he made his exit. For K's birth, he merely turned his back so that he wouldn't have to see the needle slide into his wife's back. Once, as I read to him a vivid description of what asthma feels like, he nearly hyperventilated. He was not designed to be a "healer" in the medical sense of the word.

But as I think about celebrating him on this day, it is true that he has healed me in many ways. I have spent much of my life feeling unloved and, worse, unlovable. J has shown me the fallacy of this thinking and has spent thirteen years proving day in and day out that he loves me, whether I deserve it or not. He has made great strides in making me a whole person instead of a shell of a woman. For that, I am grateful.

Happy Birthday, Honey.


Variations On A Theme said...

You made me teary. That's beautiful.

Chocolate, Vanilla and Caramel said...

Happy Birthday to your husband. What a great post. I love what you wrote at the end about how much he has helped you. What a gift! (I'm sorry that I often post comments well after your write posts. I check blogs about once a week now with homeschooling and so often I am reading a bunch of posts at once!)