Thursday, August 20, 2009


2 : the end toward which effort is directed : aim

While Tuesday was my first day with all three daughters in school all day, today was my first day alone at home without them. Events conspired to keep me busy and away from home until today. In honor of my first day at home alone, I set a goal: to write an essay to enter into a magazine contest before I pick the kids up from school.

I've known about this contest for several weeks (possibly even several months), but haven't had the time, energy or decisiveness to sit down and start writing. I've spent some time thinking about what I would say, but hadn't written a word down. Today, I took a deep breath and started. It's not a finished piece at this point. I'm not ready to dash it off to the editors. In fact, I'm not really sure it's what they're looking for. They said essay, this is a bit more fanciful. Still, it's finished. So now I'll start editing and preparing myself to send it in, although I am certain it will never win.

But the important thing to me right now is that I reached the goal that I set for myself this morning. There were other things that I could justifiably have done - laundry amongst them. There were plenty of other worthy tasks calling my name. But I refused to be distracted, I refused to feel guilty for "wasting" time writing and I refused to stop until I finished.

I am so proud of myself! Now, check back with me to make sure I submitted the silly thing...


Allison said...

YAY! I'm so inspired by you...I need to have some days like this too!

Gigi said...

You go girl! Great job! Bravo!