Friday, July 3, 2009


: mutual or reciprocal action or influence

A, B and K have been out of town since Saturday visiting their grandparents in Milwaukee. I've really enjoyed having some time to myself and with J. I've chosen to spend a lot of time alone and reading. While part of me wishes I had been more productive, I have loved waking up each morning and reading a little in bed before I start my day. I've also enjoyed the quiet of a house occupied only by me. But today was busier. I met a friend for coffee and another friend for lunch.

While I enjoy interaction, I don't always choose it. Left to my own devices, I choose to be alone. This is both good and bad for me. I do need a certain amount of time alone to recharge my batteries. I feel refreshed after a day with a book, a day without noise, a day without a lot of conversation. But day after day of this leaves me feeling overcharged, weighed down, caged in.

So I also thoroughly enjoyed hanging out with these two women today. I don't have close friendships with either of them, but they are both gifted women, who have jobs they were made to do. One of them knows and loves my children. Another shares a passion with me and understands the wounds my past has left on my heart. I felt lighter after spending time with each of them.

I like that Merriam Webster talks about interaction being mutual. When I think about these two friends (who do not know each other), I am thankful to know them. They are each very good at what they do and it makes me happy to see them use their gifts. Perhaps that is what draws me to them. I hope I can someday be as secure in my calling as they are - and that others can be lightened by their interactions with me.

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Chocolate, Vanilla and Caramel said...

I am very similar -- love being alone, but too much of it makes me feel "overcharged, weighed down, caged in" just like you described. Well said! :) There's always a bit of tension for me between the right amount of alone time to recharge and the right amount of people time that also feeds me. Too much of either and I'm out of whack.