Thursday, July 16, 2009


1: to give assistance or support to (help a child with homework)

I just witnessed the sweetest thing. J and I have been procrastinating for days the mowing of our lawn. When he came home from work tonight, he headed straight upstairs to change into bug-repellent clothes and
started mowing right away. K was so excited that she gulped down her dinner in order to go help him motor (which is what she calls mowing).

By "help" him, I thought she meant clear the sticks out of the way, move the hose to the garden, etc. Here's what she meant:

This is sweet for so many reasons:
K wants to help her dad "motor" the lawn. How many girls are clamoring to be eaten by bugs and walk around the lawn pushing a mower that is higher than her head?

J lets her help him. Clearly, our five year old, 32 pound daughter was not a true help. J could certainly have completed this task faster without having to slow his gait to match hers and push the mower with one hand.

J & K both take this for granted. I don't think it occurred to K that J wouldn't want her to help him mow. And J didn't give much consideration to telling her not to help. Their love for each other is so easy, so comfortable, so much a part of their lives that they are willing to spend time together in whatever form it takes. J doesn't realize what a gift this is to his daughters. K doesn't realize what a gift it is to have a dad who loves her with such constancy and availability.
I'm more thankful than words can express that my husband lets my daughter help him mow the lawn. It's a small thing. As he came in sweaty and tired, he wiped his forehead and said, "It took a little longer. But it was worth it."

Yes, it was. And by letting her help him mow the lawn, he's helping her grow into a confident woman who knows she is very loved. He's given our girls a huge gift - the gift of taking his love for granted.

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I love this. Beautiful!