Friday, June 5, 2009


1 a: being without company : lone b: cut off from others : solitary

Can a house be too quiet? I wouldn't have thought so, but I'm beginning to think the answer is "Yes, definitely." Since A's first summer, our daughters have spent a week with each set of their
grandparents. This week they are with my parents in Alabama. For our girls, this means a week of playing outside constantly, eating treats they would not get at home and watching more TV than their parents would ever allow. For the grandparents, this means a week of spending daily time with grandchildren who are normally hours away. For the parents, it means date nights, late nights and lazy mornings.

I've been doing this for nine years, so I've been surprised by how much lonely I feel right now. I miss my daughters. I called yesterday and talked to each of them before they headed to Pensacola for the day. After chatting with me for a minute or so, A said, "Do you want to talk to Ma D now?" I said, "No, I want to talk to you." "Oh, okay," came her reply. She did talk, filling me in on what she's been reading and doing. I squeezed in a talk with B and K as well. K, happy to chat, is the least satisfying phone conversation because I can't understand her well on the phone. So I hang up feeling like I've connected, but not entirely.

I'm not complaining. I've gotten a lot of writing done and it
was nice to spend as long as I needed to at work, without a firm deadline to make me head out. And I slept until 9 AM one morning - unheard of. Shortly, I'll take up my book and read for a while.

Still, the house is very quiet and I feel the solitude surrounding me. I normally love time alone, so I've been surprised by how long the days have been between J's departure for work and his return from work.

In short, they can't get home soon enough.

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