Monday, July 23, 2012


1 b : to find amusement or pleasure in something

There are few people who can make me laugh as much as the women pictured above.

This weekend, I went home for a visit and met up with my high school friends for dinner at the best local seafood restaurant around.  I arrived with a headache, but left having laughed it away.  I haven't been in close relationship with these women for two decades, yet I have so much fun when I'm with them.

I don't know if this is a phenomenon related to having shared so much laughter years ago or whether these are just my funniest friends.  (I suspect the former, although some of them might claim the latter.)  Friday night we laughed about everything from Christmas gifts given in poor taste to the right saying at the wrong time to the desire to be quotable. 

During dinner, I mentioned that my daughters really wanted to meet these friends of mine. (I think there's a mystery to my high school days.)  So my friends made a quick trip to my mom's house to meet A, B and K.  My extroverted K loved all of the attention from five extra people.  She sat in my lap for a moment and said to me as she watched my friends plop down on the floor, relive old stories and catch up, "Are they still teenagers?"

Not quite.  But you might wonder yourself if you saw us together.

While chatting, one of my friends asked A whether my Nashville friends are like this.  A paused, then said, "No, not really," with a smile.  She's right.

I love my current friends and in some ways feel like they know the real me better than the friends who double-dated with me, slept on my floor and scribbled their latest loves on my sheets.  After all, all of that was a very long time ago.  My Nashville friends definitely get a more serious side of me.  Want to talk about the latest book you've read?  How to teach our daughters to follow their hearts?  Whether the best choice for your soul is the best one for your family?  I'm your girl.  I can handle - and love - serious conversations.

Friday night reminded me that while I am someone who craves talking deeply about heartfelt topics, there is something to be said for just sitting around a table and laughing.

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