Friday, November 12, 2010


1. the end of a week, esp. the period of time between Friday evening and Monday morning

Not setting an alarm: sleeping until you wake up - or at least until your children wake you up

Reading a chapter of your current book in bed before you emerge to start your day

Eating a breakfast made by someone else (especially someone else who loves you)

Sipping coffee while munching on a Bagel Face Bakery bagel (the best bagels in Nashville!)

A walk in the fall air

Football on TV

The windows open and the sound of children playing filtering inside

Soup bubbling on the stove

Your family around you

Whatever says "weekend" to you, may you have it in abundance.  I am heading off to a silent retreat.  My first.  I go with excitement, anticipation, nervousness, fear - all bundled up together.  But I am anticipating rest, so I wish that for you as well.  Seize it in whatever form it takes for you this weekend.

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