Wednesday, July 7, 2010


1 : to get back : regain
2 : to bring back into use or currency : revive

It's been a busy few days.  We left Milwaukee Monday morning and stopped at IKEA in Schaumburg to get a loft bed for B and some kitchen items.  To say that it was busy is an understatement.  I don't have the words to convey the chaos that was IKEA.  Here's one indication: they were out of carts.  Here's another: we waited for ten minutes or more in a checkout line, only to find out it was a self checkout line for those with 15 items or less (we did not fit that bill).  Luckily, no one was able to read the sign in advance, so there were no complaints as we checked out.  After that exhausting shopping experience, we headed for our hotel in Indianapolis - four hours away.

Our initial plan had been to visit the Indianapolis Children's Museum before heading home.  But upon waking up Tuesday morning, K's first words were, "Are we going home now?"  All of us were more than a bit tired and J was feeling pressure to get some work projects completed.  So instead of going to the museum, we loaded up and headed home.  While I had mentioned the children's museum to the girls at some point during our trip, not one of them asked about it as we drove south.  We were all ready to be home.

Thankfully, today has been a day of recuperation.  K was invited to join a friend at a movie and no one was working in the kitchen (a mixed blessing), so the house was quiet.  B and A read, read and then read some more.  I know B finished at least one book today and A was in her pajamas until lunchtime.  There was no sisterly bickering, no asking for TV time, no begging for more computer time, only resting and recuperating.  While I watched the Spain/Germany World Cup match, A and B retreated to the basement to watch a movie.  Even that brought no arguing as the girls agreed to watch the movie I'd selected from the library while they were out of town.

I can't say my day was quite as restful as the day A and B had.  It was populated with laundry and a grocery shopping trip.  But it also allowed time for the treadmill, a few quiet moments spent reading the best book ever and children who were agreeable and undemanding.  It left me thankful for the break on the work in our kitchen, even if that means more time scrabbling together crazy lunches like apples with peanut butter and cheese or dinners of hot dogs.  It made me thankful for life's ebb and flow, even if the tides don't always run to my schedule.  It left me thankful that my daughters (or two of them, at least) recover in the same way I do - with quiet and a good book.

The laundry?  It's not finished.  The kitchen?  Not finished, either.  The house?  A mess.  Our hearts?  Better.  Revived.  Recuperated.  Ready for more of summer, more of life lived together.

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