Tuesday, November 10, 2009


2 a : to appear in an impressively great or exaggerated form ed large> b : to take shape as an impending occurrence

A big parenting decision looms large right now. In Nashville (but apparently nowhere else in the world), middle school starts in fifth grade. So while I have one lovely year of all three children being at one school, it is only for one year. Because 4th grader A will head off to middle school next year. This is a big enough step, but when combined with the complexity of the Nashville's school (public or private, neighborhood or magnet, homeschool or traditional school), it's a daunting one as well.

In just a few minutes, I will join some friends to visit a few middle schools. I'm not sure exactly what I'm looking for...
  • children who look like her and don't look like her since I want a mix of both
  • teachers who are knowledgeable, but kind
  • clean hallways, clean classrooms
  • an old building with character plus modern amenities
  • a principal who cares more about the students than his/her career
  • a school that will challenge her academically without crushing her under the weight of hours of homework
  • an environment where A can keep growing into the person she was meant to be
It's a tall order, isn't it? Because I can't tell these things on the surface. We are blessed to have enough choices that I know A will end up in a school where there are enough desks for every child, where she will be given all of the books she needs, where she will be physically safe. But will she be emotionally safe? Will she be led in a positive direction by both teachers and peers?

And how, exactly, am I to divine all of these things? I really can't. So I'm praying that God will pull out his air traffic controller gear and turn on the runway lights to guide A's landing at the right school. Oh, and for peace for J and I as we attempt to navigate this maze of middle school.


Chris and Tiana said...

Daunting indeed. Even the kindergarten decision is stressing me out, and it's 2 years away! I can't wait to learn from your wisdom after you've made the decision :)

rufusjt said...

This is God. Send her to HH.

P.S. I had to use J's login because someone already took my name in vain.